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Car parts and large items

You can bid on auto parts at Yahoo Japan Auction. However, Japanese postal service has a weight -and-size limit. We cannot handle very large or very heavy items which exceed the limit, such as car engines, car bodies, car seats, bumpers, hoods, front spoilers and so on. Also, Japan Post has tightened the restriction on contents of a parcel for security reasons and they no longer handle items which contain gas or air such as wheels with tires, steering wheels with airbags, suspensions which contain gas. Please DO NOT bid on these items.

Note : Some sellers accept to remove ti re and just send the wheel. In this case, we can handle this kind of items.

If you bid on an item that is too large or too heavy to be shipped or Japan Post does not handle, normally we use Fedex or other shipping companies instead, and which will certainly cost you a fortune. You are responsible for all the fees. Additionally, you will be subject to a $120 penalty and handling fee. The followings are some examples of shipping costs our customers paid.

A hood - $1030
A front spoiler - $1033
A pair of front fenders - $1805
A motorbike wheel with a tire - $ 727

As a rule, shipping costs jump up when we don't use Japan Post. So we do not recommend you bid on this kind of item, but if you seriously want to import an oversized item and don't mind bearing the shipping, please contact us in advance.

Members in Australia and New zealand
Both countries have a 20kg limit. We cannot ship mufflers or wheels with tires to these countries.

Members in other countries
Many of the other countries have a 30kg limit. However, the limit varies from country to country. When in doubt whether the item can be shipped to your country or not, please contact your local postal services for further information before making a bid.

Shipping companies in Japan recently have tightened the restrictions on contents for security reasons. They no longer handle some items which they used to accept. The folloings are several examples of items they refused to ship.

A steering wheel which contained an airbag
A wheel with a tire
Suspensions which contained gas
An used carbureter which contained very small amount of oil
Lithium ion batteries - many of digital cameras and other electronic products work on lithium ion batteries. If you win this kind of item, we have to ship it without the battery.

Note : Japan Post loosened the restriction on lithium ion batteries and now it is available in some country in a certain condition.

Unlike large or heavy items, no shipping company handles these items, Please do not bid on an item which falls into any of these categories. We will have no choice but to dispose of it. If you are not confident that the item you want to bid on will get through, please feel free to contact us.

Handling fee
We have to take extra time and effort to pack a large item. So we may charge a handling fee for a large item. It depends on the difficulty of packing.

Shipping request for large items
Please make a shipping request for a large item as soon as you receive the arrival notice. A large item takes up so much space that we cannot hold it in our warehouse for a long time. If you leave your item for more than 3 days without a shipping request, A $1.00 fee will be imposed per day on each item. If 30 days have passed without a shipping request, the item will become the property of Japamart and be disposed of or be resold to cover our expenses.