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welcome to japamart

The aim of Japamart is to enable you to get products in Japan as easily as you do in your country. What are you looking for? To meet a wide range of your requests - from rare collectibles to brand-new electronics, Japamart provides you with proxy bidding service at auction sites and shopping agent service.

Auction deputy service
Bid at Yahoo Japan Auction, Mbok(mobaoku), Rakuten and Bidders in English!!

Yahoo! Japan Auction, known as the largest online auction in Japan, has millions of hot items such as collectibles, toys, anime cels, video games, electronics, comics, J-POPs, DVDs and so on. Mbok(mobaoku), Bidders and Rakuten Auction also have a good selection of products. If you make the most of these websites, it will be easier to get some great bargains or the items you have been looking for.
However, it takes an awful lot of effort to find an item you are looking for due to the language burrier etc. Even if you can reach the item you want, most of Japanese sellers will not deal with the people out of Japan. But there is nothing to worry about. That's what we are here for!! Japamart will solve all of the problems. Our Search Engine and translate tool will assist you to find the item you want. We will contact the seller on your behalf and ship the item to you. All you have to do is just bid on the item in English using our automated system in real time.

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Shopping service
We will search the item you want in Japan for free!!

If you are looking for something in Japan or have some difficulties to import the item from Japanese online shops, please let us know the details of the item using our order form. We will search the item and send you the estimate to get it. If you accept the estimate, we will contact the seller, make an order, and ship it to you. The estimate service is free. Please feel free to request us!!
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Secure and speedy shipping

Save your shipping cost!! We will combine your multiple items.

We consider it is especially important that the item is shipped to you securely and speedily. In addition to that, we understand the expensive shipping cost is a pain in the neck. We will combine your multiple auctions and Shopping items together to save your shipping cost.

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