In some cases, our automated system refuses your bid. If you cannot place a bid, please request us for a manual bid. Please use our manual bid service only when you cannot bid on an item with our automated system. The max bid price multiplied by the quantity equals the total bid price.
ex) If you want 2 pieces of an auction with multiple quantities and want to bid 100 yen for each (in total 200 yen for 2) -

Your max bid price : 100 yen
Quantity : 2

Please note : Please read the prohibited items section before making the request. We cannot bid on those kinds of items.
Our manual bidding service is made by hand of our staff. So we may not be able to bid on an auction which doesn't have enough remaining time. We strongly recommend you make a request at least 16 hours before the auction ends.

Auction ID : d1074508222

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