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Auction tips

Before bidding on the item you want, please check the auction page.


Seller's name
2. Seller's feedback - Clicking on the number, you can see the detail of the feedback.
If a seller's feedback is less than 5,our system cannot allow you to bid on the item.
3. Current price in yen.
4. Time left but not accurate.If you click on the link, you can see the time remaining precisely.
5. Current high bidder.
6. Quantity of the item.You cannot bid the auctions of multiple quantity through our system (dutch auction).
7. Number of bids.
8. Starting price.
9. Bid unit.The bidding price must be the current price plus this amount. Only when the auction doesn't received a bid, you can bid same amount as a starting price. In this case, you can bid 10500yen. But if someone has already bid on the item, you have to bid 10750yen (=10500+250).

The bit unit varies depending on the current price as follows.

Current price
Bid unit
-999 yen 10 yen
1,000-4,999 yen 100 yen
5,000-10,000 yen 250 yen
10001 yen-49999 yen 500 yen
50,000 yen- 1,000 yen

10. The time the auction started.
11. The time auction will be over.
12. Auction ID.
13. If there is red text, a seller has a reserve on his/her auction and a current price does not reach this reserve.

Seller's feedback score

Please take extra care that a seller has a negative rating or not in order to avoid some troubles or auction frauds. If a seller has some negative feedback, we do not recommend you to deal with them. Let's see the example below.

1. Seller's positive feedback. In this case, the seller has 751 positive feedback.
2. Seller's negative feedback. In this case, the seller has 2 negative feedback.