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Bidding at Japan's Auction Websites in English

Yahoo! Japan Auction, known as the largest online auction in Japan, has millions of hot items such as collectibles, toys, anime cels, video games, electronics, comics, J-POPs, DVDs and so on. Mbok(mobaoku),Bidders and Rakuten Auction also have a good selection of products. If you make the most of these websites, it will be easier to get some great bargains or the items you have been looking for.
However, it takes an awful lot of effort to find an item you are looking for due to the language burrier etc. Even if you can manage to reach it, most of Japanese sellers do not deal with people out of Japan. However, there is nothing to worry about. That's what we are here for!! Japamart solves all the problems you are facing. Our Search Engine and translate tool assist you to find the item you want. We contact the seller on your behalf and ship the item to you. All you have to do is just bid on the item in English using our automated system in real time.


Before using our bidding service, please send us a deposit. A bidding limit equals to twice the amount deposited. You can bid on multiple items within your bidding limit. Please send us the deposit by Paypal or credit card through Paypal. If you want to get a refund, please let us know using the form of Mypage. We will refund the deposit to your Paypal account anytime.

Deposit example
Amount of your deposit Bidding Limit
(in US$)
Exchange rate Bidding Limit
(in Yen)
$125.00 $250.00 1$=110yen 27,500yen

Payment method

We accept Paypal and credit card through Paypal. At this time, we do not accept any other payment methods.


We do not charge a base fee. So the commission for our bidding service is simply calculated based on the table below. We take our fees only when you win an auction. Even if you do not win, we will not charge you any fees.

Yahoo Japan Auction
Closing price
-2500yen $5.00
2501-5000yen $8.00
5001-10000yen $10.00
10001yen- $10.00+$1.00 per 1000yen up

Mbok(mobaoku), Rakuten Auction, Bidders Auction

Closing price
-2,500yen $6.00
2,501-5,000yen $8.00
5001-10000yen $10.00
10001yen- $10.00+$1.00 per 1000yen up

Shipping within Japan
Actual postal charge from a seller to our office.

Bank fee
Yahoo Japan Auction - A flat $2.00 fee per auction. But we will combine the fees if you win multiple items from one seller on the same day.

Mbok(mobaoku), Rakuten Auction, Bidders Auction - A flat $3.00 fee per auction. Except for Rakuten Auction, we will combine the fees if you win multiple items from one seller on the same day.

Shipping to your home
Actual postal charge to your home. Please refer to the shipping information.

Transaction fee
5% of the total. Fee for transferring money.

Other fees

Following fees are not usual. We will charge these fees only when necessary.

YHJ system fee
Some sellers charge 3% of the closing price as seller commission. This is very rare.

Sales Tax
Some business sellers charge 5% of the closing price as sales tax.

Storage fee
If you leave your item for more than 10 days without making a shipping request, a $1.00 storage fee will be imposed per day on each item. If 30 days have passed without a shipping request, the item will become the property of Japamart and be resold to cover our expenses.
Please note: Large items occupy a lot of space. Please make a shipping request within 3 days or a $1.00 storage fee will be imposed per day on each item.
Large items

Late payment fee
You have 72 hours to pay for items after we send you the invoice. If we cannot confirm the payment on time, You need to pay your invoice by sending money via Paypal or applying your deposited money toward the invoice within 72 hours after we send it to you. Your deposit will be automatically used to pay the invoice unless it is paid on time.
If your deposit is not enough to clear the invoice, we will send you a notice by e-mail and you need to pay it via Paypal within the next 24 hours. Otherwise you will be subject to a $10 of late payment fee. Then, another $10.00 fee will be imposed each additional 10 days period. If 30 days have passed without a payment, the item will become the property of Japamart and be disposed of or resold to recoup our expenses.

Handling fee
Surcharge for a heavy, large or breakable item that needs more special packing than normal.

Internal bid fee
A $2.00 fee per 1000yen difference between the closing price and the second Japamart member's bid price. Please refer to the Internal bid fee page.

Fee example

Anime cels : 1500yen (Closing price)
Commission $5.00
Shipping within Japan Varies ($1.50~)
Handling None
Bank fee $2.00
Shipping to your home Varies
Transaction fee 5%
Video game : 11200yen (Closing price)
Commission $12.00
Shipping within Japan Varies ($1.50~)
Handling None
Bank fee $2.00
Shipping to your home Varies
Transaction fee 5%

1.DVD : 3800yen from seller A
2.Card : 2500yen from seller A
Commission 1 $8.00
Commission 2 $5.00
Shipping within Japan Varies ($1.50~)
Handling None
Bank fee $2.00
Bank fee 2 $0.00(same seller)
Shipping to your home Varies
Transaction fee 5%


1.Very large or heavy items (Please read Large items & Car parts page)
2.Foods and drinks
4.Aerosol cans,air spray
5.Guns (Model Guns)
9.Real estate
10.Intangible items
11.Items under the Washington Convention
12.Lithium-ion batteries
13.Items which include gas or air
ex) A wheel with a tire, a steering wheel with an airbag, a suspension which contains gas
15.Illegal items
16. Flammable or explosive items
ex) Bleach,mercury, manicure instruments, nail polishers, perfume etc.

Please also closely check the website of Japan Post.

Scam and Customer's responsibility

Most of Japanese sellers are conscientious and honest. However, it is also true that there are some people who fall victim to frauds. Please always check the seller's feedback score and read a description carefully using translate tool before you bid on an item.

We do our best to help you get an item, contact a seller, make a payment and ship an item to you safely. However, we are not liable for the damage of the item, improper representation and any other fraudulent activities. So please place a bid with self-responsibility.

If a seller has low feedback score or some negative feedback, we recommend you to stay away from them. Even if you haplessly fall victim to a fraud, you are responsible for all of the payment.

Please also check the auction tips.

Question about auctions
If you want to make an inquiry about auctions, we will do that on your behalf. However, we cannot necessarily answer your question if there is not much time left before the end.

Our automated bidding system does not work under some conditions. Most of the cases will fall into one or some of the conditions below.

Items in the prohibited category
Our automated system may refuse to bid on the item in some prohibited categories. Please read the "prohibited item" section. If you don't think the item falls under any of those categories, please request us for a manual bid.
Expensive items
Please request us a manual bid if you want to bid 100,000 yen or more.
When you don't have enough deposit.
  Please send us enough deposit before you bid on the item.
When the seller's feedback score is less than 5.
We do not bid on an item from a seller without 5 or more positive feedback to avoid frauds.
Dutch auctions
Our automated system does not work for auctions whose quantity is two or more.
Adult items (Pornographic materials)
Adult items are not available in case it is prohibited by law in your country.
When your bid price is higher than 100x current price.
Yahoo Japan Auction allows you to bid up to 100 times as much as the current price.

The error may not necessarily apply to the aforementioned cases. If you encounter a system error, please use the manual bid service. We will comprehensively check the item to see if we can handle it or not. If there is no problem, we will place a bid on your behalf.

Once you bid on an item, we cannot accept any cancellation under any circumstances.





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